About Us


Ruthie Stryker, designer and owner of The Elusive Orchid, bought her first orchid fourteen years ago. Like many people, she became fascinated with the beauty, intricacy, and breadth of orchids.

Over the years, as she attended orchid shows, she noticed that there were very few orchid-theme products. Seeing this gap got her thinking. “It would be great to give the orchid enthusiast a range of modern housewares, such as appetizer plates and bath towels, with orchid designs.” So, combining her design skills with her enthusiasm for orchids, Ruthie started creating her orchid designs in the summer of 2003 from her apartment in San Francisco.

“I realized that, from visiting many orchid shows, there were thousands of people like me who love orchids. I want to create contemporary and stylish products for their homes using natural materials that incorporate my orchid designs. My style is beauty through simplicity, one color with clean lines.”

Over the past couple of years Ruthie has moved from concept to reality, recently bringing a limited range of products to the marketplace. “I have plans for lots of great items, but most of them will not be available for awhile. I had no idea everything would take so long!” Taking it slowly has allowed her the breathing room to get the products exactly the way she wants them.

So far The Elusive Orchid is still a seedling company and offers a small range of plates and linens. The majority of the products are made in California, with others based on quality materials from around the world.

The Elusive Orchid will take time to grow, adding products along the way. After all, it often takes seven years for an orchid's first magnificent bloom. Based on its first showing, The Elusive Orchid is on its way to becoming a winning specimen.